Gestern hat uns eine sehr traurige Nachricht erreicht

God has called him – and we can’t do anything against.

We, the entire NGO Outjenaho, are so sad to hear the message that
Mitiri Tjikuzu is not anymore with us on our common journey together with our
learners, teachers and staff of Morukutu Primary School and the community of Otjiyarwa.

We will never forget the past years that we did spend together with Mitiri and the MPS, our common projects like the school fence, the borehole and the planning of the new dining hall.

Mitiri was for us the heart of the school, a strong and very impressing man, a guide for all learners and a very good friend to us.

We are very proud that we had the chance to know each other and have a common walk together.

We did achieve a lot and we still had so many plans for the near future.

Mitiri we are sure that you will be with us also in the future, not in person but through all of us, the learners, teacher, staff, community as well as Outjenaho.

Dear Family, Learners, Teachers, Staff, Community,

Sadness is the only word to summarize our emotions – we feel with you and wish you courage and confidence. We know, Mitiri is with you and will accompany  you also in future.

Deepest sympathy

The Board of Outjenaho

Martina Zoglowek, Thomas Hameter, Nicole Schley, Claudia Einsiedler, Edgar Wilinski, Anna Zoglowek