We help children in Namibia

Education as the engine for a better future

Lack of schools, overcrowded classes and often desolate facilities prevent children in Namibia from attending school regularly and learning effectively. But it is precisely a solid school education that opens up the chance for an independent and oriented life for children who are so eager to learn: Their judgement and wealth of ideas will decisively shape the next generations. But even in the short term, educational work will result in people being able to understand a leaflet or an election manifesto, in politically interested people being able to read a newspaper and in market women being able to manage profitably.



School partnership – combine active help and intercultural exchange

– Learners help learners- Under this motto, we can make an important contribution to supporting our partner school in Namibia with our school partnership through school projects, fundraising runs, collection campaigns and others. Both sides benefit from a partnership, because the contact with the school in Namibia makes teaching units on this topic much more lively. It also promotes cultural exchange and the building of intercultural human relations. Through our commitment, we have the opportunity not only to discuss international understanding in theory, but also to make an active and meaningful contribution to provide children in Namibia with optimal learning conditions.

In order to implement this, we established a school partnership between Ottenhofen Primary Schooland Morukutu Primary School Otjiyarwa in 2015.

On the following pages you can find out more about our project in Ottenhofen.
and in Otjiyarwa.