On 1 December 2021 we met for our 3rd general NGO Assembly meeting. The board reported on the activities of the last two years and informed all members about the planned projects. The auditors discharged the board, after which the election of the new board took place. Nicole Schley unfortunately did not run for the board again, as she does not have enough time for the work in the association due to her many tasks, among others as mayor of Ottenhofen. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her very much for her support since the foundation of our school partnership. Of course, Nicole will continue to support us wherever necessary.

We were able to win Uli Stiegler as a new member of the board. Uli has been a member of the NGO for some time, has already supported us with project tenders and takes on the role of vice-chairman in the newly elected board. We wish Uli a lot of success in his new role!

Here is the newly elected Board of Directors from December 2021

Martina Zoglowek – Vorsitzende
Uli Stiegler – stellv. Vorsitzender
Claudia Einsiedler – Schatzmeisterin
Thomas Hameter – Schriftf├╝hrer
Anna Zoglowek – Beisitzerin
Edgar Wilinski – Beisitzer

from left Uli, Thomas, Claudia, Anna, Martina, Edgar

We wish the new board all the best and a lot of drive for the next two years. There are a lot of exciting projects waiting for us.

Ottenhofen, December 2021