Project Dining Hall – We are building since the end of June


We started building at the end of June. And of course, we (meaning me) were on site for the first 2 weeks of construction.
First I had to get used to the cold temperatures (especially at night the temperature sometimes falls below 0 degrees) in the Namibian winter, only partly the sun could warm the air during the day so that you could put your sweater aside.

Anyway, we started: Material was transported to the school (building blocks, cement, gravel, rain barrels, pipes, etc.), the construction company built its own area right next to the construction site for the next 3 months (sleeping tent, cooking and dining area, container with solar panels and batteries for tools, refrigerator,…) and on the first day, after some surveying work, the construction project was officially opened with the “Ground Breaking Ceremony”. Translated with (free version)

We, that is 6 employees of the construction company Afrideca (with construction manager Thomas2), 5 employees from the surrounding of the school, Mekukuje (Principal of the school) and the local “Project Board” (members of School Board, Parent Board and the community Otjiyarwa), Sven from our GU Fortitude (who leads and is responsible for the complete construction) and I (=Thomas1 for easier distinction with the construction manager of the construction company) have coordinated the first days and developed into a functioning construction group. Translated with (free version)

The first two weeks were mainly dedicated to the delivery of materials and the extensive earthworks (removal of soil from the sloping terrain, consolidation and preparation for the foundations). In the process, we first had to dig up the supply lines for the water tanks and reinsert them elsewhere, as they had been laid directly under the Dining Hall area. A little “plumber” work, but with skill and creativity this task was accomplished.
The cooperation between the construction company and our local workers has worked very well since the first day and when I had to leave the construction site again after 2 weeks, I left behind a really cool group on site. We are sure that they will carry out the rest of the construction work with the same motivation and quality.

In August and September Eddy and Uli will visit the school and report further with many pictures from our construction site in Morukutu Primary School. Mekukuje and the Project Board are constantly on site and we are in regular contact with the GU (Sven), the Project Board and the construction company.

We will keep you updated in the next weeks and report about the construction progress with pictures. The current plan is to complete construction by the end of September. The official handover of the Dining Hall to the school is then planned for the end of November.




Have fun with the following picture gallery

Windhoek airport – 0 degree at 08 am
my “home” for the next 2 weeks (bed, sanitary, electricity)… and “cold”
our toolbox for cooking
lfinal check of the polycare blocks before transport to school
ramp up of construction area in the evening
surveys of the grond
“the workers camp”
handover of construction plans to Thomas2
planning talks between Afrideca and project board
official “Ground Breaking Ceremony”
“heavy vehicles”
local Project Board
offloading of Polycare blocks
construction area
Delivery of the blocks
local workers introduction
material for fundament
Afrideca camp site for the next 3 months
Polycare blocks
…. 😉
… seems to be easy…
actual the “highest” mountain in the area
a lot of manual work
plans for the fundament for the steel construction
manual work
fasten the ground
…let me also…
…join the team….
I have left a cool team behind….

To ALL donors who have made it possible to realize the construction of the Dining Hall we say in advance Thank you very much – without you this project would not be possible.

Thomas, Member of the Board