Project Dining Hall – “ready to start”

The time has come – the construction of the Dining Hall can begin

Yes, we actually made it: The financing of the Dining Hall for the Learners of Morukutu Primary School is in place, the contract between the school authority and the construction company has been concluded and at the end of June we will start with the construction project on site.
We plan with about 3 months construction time, i.e. if everything works out then the building is already erected in September.
Inauguration and official handover is then planned for the end of the year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all private donors in advance, and in particular the two foundations that are supporting us with a grant for this project:

Together with the developer Fortitude, the construction company AFRIDECA CONSTRUCTION, the workers of the community Otjiyarwa and the Morukutu Primary School “Project Board” we will now realize the project together.

We owe the planning and also a large part of the implementation to our architect Andi Schmitt and the company Polycare. Without Andi’s plans and the support of Gerd Dust with building blocks from the Polycare company, we would not have dared to undertake such a large project.

We will report on the construction with pictures and of course we will be on site regularly during the construction period.