Project Dining Hall – September: WELL DONE – the Dining Hall is finished

It’s Friday, September 2, 2022 – and we are soooooo proud of the result.
To implement a construction project of this size is something very special.

You have shown us in the last 9 weeks what is possible through good cooperation and mutual support.

the local Project Board of the school (construction support on site), the principal Mekukuje (always available and as a coordinator for all questions a great support), our 5 local workers (super integrated with the construction company – you have really worked great), the construction company Afrideca with their foreman Thomas (such a team is hardly to find), the complete planning and projecting on site by Fortitude (Sven, you really implemented our idea with a lot of commitment and professionalism), the building material from Polycare (thank you Keith for your support and thank you Gerd for the idea and your support) and thank you to all the “photographers” (Kanguu, Puje, Mekukuje,. .. – you always gave us the feeling that we are live with many pictures)


We have really managed to do something unique in the past weeks – see for yourself what has happened in the last 3 weeks:

Washbasin and sink are installed
Entrance doors are prepared and painted
the floor is sealed
from now on we will not eat anymore in the dark
The hall is huge – space for all Learners
Polycare bricks are first primed before the paint coat is applied
well – school color not quite hit, but almost
color, color, color
a really big hall
that already looks very good
work is carried out very precisely
Fuse box
the entrance to the hall
after the paint has dried, more red than orange comes through after all
Rain barrels are installed
at every corner a big rain barrel

We are totally HAPPY that everything worked out so well: From the planning, starting with the architect plans by Andi, to the selection of the material by Polycare, the construction management by Fortitude, to the construction company Afrideca, our local workers, the support by Floyd and the support on site in the last weeks by Eddy and Uli.

A few more pictures of many proud people on site: Construction company, local worker, the principal Mekukuje with her learners, Eddy and Uli,…

all want to see the New Hall
the Learners and Teachers are enthusiastic
“Our” Dining Hall
Uli surrounded by his students
Construction workers from Afrideca and local workers from the school
they have done a really good job
We are a team
We are a team
Groups picture
we are a team

We would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to ALL donors and supporters of the Dining Hall project. Without your help this project would not have been possible. We are sure that the Learners of Morukutu Primary School will enjoy their new Dining Hall for many years.


And of course our “November Plumbers” came up with several ideas for the kids this time: brought beds to the hostels (flexing and welding) and built a new drinking fountain for the Learners (and finally made a new friend at the Wildlife Foundation Harnas).

Construction of the new drinking fountain
the new drinking fountain, now we already have 2 fountains for the Learners
finished – handover of the well from Eddy to Mekukuje
Beds are reassembled in the hostel
Canopy for the water pump
The power cable of the water pump is re-routed in a plastic pipe

The date for the official handover ceremony is now set for November 23. We will then be back on site to officially dedicate the Dining Hall and turn it over to the school.


Morukutu Ayeye, Morukutu Ayeyeeeeeeeeeee