Project Dining Hall – August: on and on,…

… we’ve only been building since the end of June, but check out how the Dining Hall has grown in the last 2 weeks:
The steel girders are erected, the walls made of Polycare blocks are finished and anchored, everything according to the plan specifications, our general contractor was also on site and checked the compliance with the specifications. Partially the windows are already installed, the doors will come next, installation of water supply for sinks and sinks is done and in the last days the roof was built.

Guys, you’re simply SUPER!!!!

Timewise, the construction of the Dining Hall is fully on schedule (even almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule), so we have enough time until the planned end of the project (mid-September).

By the way: according to current planning, the official opening of the hall will be on November This will be a huge party and we will of course report about it

Eddy is on site since last week, and supplies us regularly with pictures. In the last few days he has been busy cutting up new beds for the hostels. Unfortunately, the bunk beds do not fit through the entrance doors, so disassemble (with the flex), bring in and then reassemble (weld). At the end of this week, Uli will join them and together they will build a new drinking fountain for the children while the Dining Hall continues to be built. So there is a lot to be done.

More information coming in 2-3 weeks !


Morukutu Ayeye, Morukutu Ayeyeeeeeeeeeee