Dining Hall project – August: things are moving fast

… It’s amazing what our workers on site have achieved in the last 3 weeks:

The foundations and floor slab have hardly finished hardening when the truck arrives with the steel construction for the walls and roof – important for the statics of the large building and the roof structure.




Everyone helps, some this way, others that way 😉

The erection of the steel construction is started immediately – we also need the support of the crane from the truck to erect the heavy roof construction.

… and as soon as the steel construction has been erected the next part begins: now it’s getting exciting and anyone who once played with “L…” as a child or teenager will remember and understand why:

Yes, it looks simple, but it’s not. It has to be worked on very precisely over the next few days, all according to a predefined plan that specifies the distribution of the various Polycare blocks and the bracing lengthwise and diagonally. The reason “why” is clear: we want to build a hall that will stand for a long, long time and even longer.

Eddy will be there at the end of next week, Uli will join a few days later. Together they will continue to accompany the construction and maybe even build a second drinking fountain for the pupils:


So we are very well on schedule, the next 1-2 weeks we will work on the walls, then comes the roof construction before we can start with the interior work (electrics, water supply for washbasin and sink).

More soon!


Morukutu Ayeye, Morukutu Ayeyeeeeeeeeeee