It is slowly getting “serious” – almost 2 years have passed from the first idea to today and we achieved

  • Visit on site and definition of the project with the “Assembly” (school ministry, local council, parents representation, teachers) of Morukutu Primary School.
  • Finding a construction company (Polycare) that convinced the Assembly and us, through sustainable and alternative construction methods, that they were the right construction company for our project.
  • Architect’s plans kindly provided by an architect friend and member of the association (Andi).
  • Cost calculations by a local main contractor that implements construction projects for the company Polycare (Fortitude).
  • Identify foundations to which we have submitted funding applications (we have divided the required funds over several applications) for our project. And as of December 2021, things are already looking pretty good, of the 3 applications, 2 have now been decided positively.
  • In February we will be back on site and make some administrative preparations.
  • Provided that all the funds (funding from foundations and our NGO’s own funds) are secured, we will build the Dining Hall in the Morukutu Primary School in the second half of 2022 – we are really excited and can hardly wait for it to finally start. Please keep your fingers crossed for all of us that the financing will work out. The students of the Morukutu School would be really happy if they could finally eat sitting at a chair and a table and not as is currently the case on the ground in the sand all over the year regardless any weather conditions.