Partners and supporters

We help and want to create perspectives!

To achieve our desired goals, we need strong and committed partners. Without the help of helpful people, organisations and companies, the realisation of our projects would not be possible.

Many thanks for the support to our partners and supporters!

Partners of Outjenaho

Ottenhofen logoPrimary School of Ottenhofen


Supporter of Outjenaho

local community Ottenhofen

Franz-Marc-Gymnasuim Markt Schwaben

Dominik-Brunner Realschule Poing

Hoffmann City Media GmbH & Co.KG

Billi-Bolli Donation projects

Billi-Bolli Children’s beds

ENJO International GmbH (for more info see here..)

Andreas Schmitt, Architekt – Erding

Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, Namibia

Tjiri Lodge, Namibia

Suni e.V.

Various private donors