NGO description “Outjenaho – strahlende Kinderaugen e.V.”

Outjenaho – strahlende Kinderaugen a non-profit association with more than 50 members worldwide. The local coordination in Namibias works just as voluntarily without remuneration as we do in Germany. 100% of the donations are used for project work. Our NGO was founded in 2015 by Martina Zoglowek and 9 other founding members.

The purpose of the NGO is the practical and cultural exchange between pupils from Namibia and Germany. Education, educational opportunities and building human relationships between children and families are at the main focus of the NGO.


What we do here:

Our primary school pupils first start with pen pals in order to build up a relationship with the children in Namibia. They learn to help where help is urgently needed and through this they in turn learn to set priorities that are important for their live. The children learn what it means to grow up with very little in Namibia.

What we do onsite in Namibia:

Providing sustainable help for self-help through joint action.

In addition to the intensive personal and cultural exchange between the two schools, which is the main aim, there is a wide range of possible support at Morukutu Primary School for things that are almost completely taken for granted here in the context of school education, including

  • School material (pens, books, paper, …)
  • Dining room – currently the learners are eating outside on the floor
  • Own borehole – there is a constant water shortage in Namibia
  • Renewal of toilets and washing facilities – improvement of hygienic conditions.
  • Renewal of the equipment of the boarding house
  • Support for training of teachers
  • Support under the framework of school education through additional projects (e.g. music, art, etc.)