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Dining Hall in use

Today we received a very positve message from our school:

We are very grateful for your usual support. Our learners are now enjoying their meals under a roof on the tables and chairs. No more under the hot heat, rain and in wind. May God bless you all abundantly.

Isn’t this wonderful?

An eventful day at our partner school

After we had brought our learners and teachers safely back to Morukutu School on Sunday evening, we made our way to the school again on Monday morning. We were already surprised at the gate with a musical reception, followed by a student assembly, singing (Morukutu school song, Namibian national anthem, German national anthem) and theatre performances by the students.

This was followed by a tour of all classes with short question and answer sessions. Karin and Claudia did handicrafts and played with the kids.

The pantry and hostel are also included.

Afterwards we sat down with the whole Morukutu team, told them about our tour experiences and explained again what our motivation for this educational tour was. Together with the school, we want to bring our children forward, show them perspectives, spur them on and motivate them, and we will actively support them in this.

It is already a tradition that we end our stay at Morukutu School with a netball tournament. Once again, there was an exciting match between Mummys and the Morukutu students’ netball team.

Thank you MORUKUTU-PRIMARY-SCHOOL for allowing us to be a part of you and to work together to make so many good things happen for our children.

Namibia excursion: We are back again……

…..and give you a little insight into the wonderful time with the children on our excursion.

After the reception at HKIA (the group left Otjiyarwa at 3 am to meet us at the airport) we had a round of getting to know each other, then breakfast at the youth hostel in Windhoek and then we went to NBC Radio. We got a little insight into the work at the radio and the pupils were allowed to speak into the microphone.

The next morning we went to the sewing factory “DINAPAMA”. There we were given a guided tour of the factory with many interesting informations. Our kids were equipped with warm jumpers and hats – a donation from “DINAPAMA” – which was of course the highlight.

In the afternoon we finally continued towards Sossusvlei with a stopover in Rehoboth and a short education lesson from Floyd.

The next day we set off very early to the dunes – we all want to climb Big Daddy. In between, every now and then, short education lessons. The kids walked the route to Big Daddy at least twice, up and down again and again. But we all made it.

At the end we went to the Sesriem Canyon, but afterwards everyone was exhausted and richer by many impressions.

On Thursday we drove on to Swakopmund with a stopover and guided tour at the fish factory “GENDEV” in Walvisbaai.

The accommodation in Swakopmund was ideal for us: we played, cooked, ate and learned a lot together.

Around Swakopmund there were a variety of topics that were super interesting for our children and their further education. Welwitschia-Drive, Moon Landscape, der Atlantik-Strand und last but not least die Living-Desert-Tour mit Chris Nell.

The last stop on our education tour was the Okatjikona Environmental Education Centre on the Waterberg. An ideal place for school groups. Immediately after arrival we went on a game drive, unfortunately it was already dark and we did not see any animals. In the evening we had a barbecue together, it was a Namibian-Bavarian barbecue. Traditionally, there was papp and Bavarian potato salad. The next morning we all climbed the Waterberg together.

Yes, that was it. We had a wonderful time together with the children, the teachers and everyone who accompanied us on this trip. Our children – and we too – took a lot away from this trip. It was an enrichment for all of us.

Many thanks to all our supporters, without you such activities are not possible.

“Education ist the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Our excursion with the learners

Coordinated with the curriculum, we start on 9 May 2022 for our field trip with some final year learners. A great programme awaits us: From Otjiyarwa we travel to Windhoek, on to Soussuslvei, Swakopmund and via Waterberg back to Otjiyarwa. On the way, we will cater for ourselves and cook together. Entertainment and exercise in between is also provided. We have lots of games, skipping ropes, rubber mitts and craft materials.

We are also looking forward to handing over the great letters that our Ottenhofen primary school pupils have made and written for their Namibian friends.

A detailed report will follow after our return.

The Dining Hall project enters the next phase


  • Financing is not yet completed – we are currently still looking for funding for the complete financing of the construction of the Dining Hall. We currently have commitments from 2 foundations for partial financing of the hall – for the remaining funds we are currently looking for donators (every euro helps!) – a detailed call will be coming soon.
  • The aim is to have all funding secured by the end of April and then to build the Dining Hall together with Fortitude (local general contractor), Polycare (construction company) and members of the Otjiyarwa community in the second half of 2022.
  • In the next few days we will have local discussions with Fortitude, Polycare, the Ministry of Education and of course with the school to plan the project in detail. In Namibia it is similar to Germany, permits for the construction of the hall, architectural plans, and others have to be submitted. At the same time, we want to discuss the construction process together on site and establish the mutual responsibilities – we are building this hall together

We will inform you soon about the current status and the results of the talks on site. And at the same time we will launch another appeal for donations to raise the missing funds – we are sure that together with our friends and supporters we can do it. If you would like to contribute to the construction of the Dining Hall for the students of Morukutu School, here is our donation account:

Outjenaho – strahlende Kinderaugen e.V.
VR Bank Erding eG
IBAN: DE36701696050007427727
Keyword: “Dining hall”

Our big goal is to be able to hand over the newly built Dining Hall to the learners of Morukutu School in a grand opening at the end of 2022. A heartfelt wish from all of us.

Morukutu aye, Morukutu ayeyeeeeeee

Crafting, cooking and collecting at Ottenhofen Primary School

The girls and boys of Ottenhofen primary school have been busy making and writing Christmas cards, designing a great poster and creating a fun donation box.

The whole project under the motto “healthy school in Ottenhofen – healthy school in Otjiyarwa”. The result of this great campaign raised a donation of impressive 500 euros.
Many thanks to all the little helpers from Ottenhofen Primary School

Vroni Macht from the Erdinger Anzeiger has published a nice article about the campaign
==> Link to the article


It is slowly getting “serious” – almost 2 years have passed from the first idea to today and we achieved

  • Visit on site and definition of the project with the “Assembly” (school ministry, local council, parents representation, teachers) of Morukutu Primary School.
  • Finding a construction company (Polycare) that convinced the Assembly and us, through sustainable and alternative construction methods, that they were the right construction company for our project.
  • Architect’s plans kindly provided by an architect friend and member of the association (Andi).
  • Cost calculations by a local main contractor that implements construction projects for the company Polycare (Fortitude).
  • Identify foundations to which we have submitted funding applications (we have divided the required funds over several applications) for our project. And as of December 2021, things are already looking pretty good, of the 3 applications, 2 have now been decided positively.
  • In February we will be back on site and make some administrative preparations.
  • Provided that all the funds (funding from foundations and our NGO’s own funds) are secured, we will build the Dining Hall in the Morukutu Primary School in the second half of 2022 – we are really excited and can hardly wait for it to finally start. Please keep your fingers crossed for all of us that the financing will work out. The students of the Morukutu School would be really happy if they could finally eat sitting at a chair and a table and not as is currently the case on the ground in the sand all over the year regardless any weather conditions.