An exhausting year 2021 is coming to an end – outlook for 2022

Hello interested parties and sponsors of our school partnership with the Morukutu Primary School in the Omaheke region, Namibia.
The year 2021 will soon be over and like many countries around the world, Namibia and especially the “Morukutu Primary School” can look back on a very exhausting year:

School open, school closed, students at home, students in quarantine at school, lessons only in blocks (only half of the classes due to necessary hygiene measures / distance rules), wearing masks, many COVID infections among teachers and students, loss of friends and acquaintances and much more.

But we all have one thing in common: Both the students and teachers of the Morukutu Primary School and we are looking ahead and will actively shape our future even in difficult times and so we are already planning the year 2022 with a lot of energy:

  • the Dining Hall project (we all hope it comes in 2022)
  • a Namibia excursion with learners from the Primary School (“we get to know our country”)
  • Fruits, fruits, fruits,….
  • Masks for the students
  • new planning of the visit of the Namibian teachers in Ottenhofen (the planned visit was canceled at short notice last year)
  • Site visits from us (the first will take place in February 2022 for further planning of the Dining Hall).
  • … and of course intensify our school partnership between the Ottenhofen Primary School and the Morukutu Primary School. “Due to the virus” there was little active “partnership” this year, but during a visit to the primary school Ottenhofen in December we noticed that students and teachers are totally motivated and interested in actively shaping them again. They were fascinated and spellbound by the stories and pictures of Martina and of course immediately began to think about how they could support their friends in the Morukutu School. We think that’s great and will definitely do a few projects together next year.


Last but not least a few pictures that we got from the Morukutu Primary school in the last few days


We wish everyone
Merry Christmas and a great New Year 2022
please all stay healthy, help the community of all through your own behavior,
in order to get closer to the “normality” of the past in the next year.

Your board of directors
“Outjenaho – strahlende Kinderaugen e.V.”