An eventful day at our partner school

After we had brought our learners and teachers safely back to Morukutu School on Sunday evening, we made our way to the school again on Monday morning. We were already surprised at the gate with a musical reception, followed by a student assembly, singing (Morukutu school song, Namibian national anthem, German national anthem) and theatre performances by the students.

This was followed by a tour of all classes with short question and answer sessions. Karin and Claudia did handicrafts and played with the kids.

The pantry and hostel are also included.

Afterwards we sat down with the whole Morukutu team, told them about our tour experiences and explained again what our motivation for this educational tour was. Together with the school, we want to bring our children forward, show them perspectives, spur them on and motivate them, and we will actively support them in this.

It is already a tradition that we end our stay at Morukutu School with a netball tournament. Once again, there was an exciting match between Mummys and the Morukutu students’ netball team.

Thank you MORUKUTU-PRIMARY-SCHOOL for allowing us to be a part of you and to work together to make so many good things happen for our children.