Helping people help themselves

School partnership – combine active help and intercultural exchange

Christmas market 2022 in Ottenhofen
Christmas market 2022 in Ottenhofen


Many thanks to all friends and supporters of our
School partnership for a great 2022 .
Together we have achieved a lot this year
and were able to look into many
“bright children’s eyes”!

WELL DONE – DINING HALL is built up – official handover will be in November —-Morukutu ayeye, Morukutu ayeeeeeee—-


upcoming projects & activities


  • Planning for 2023 (Teacher exchange to Ottenhofen, Educational week for
    learners of the Morukutu P.S.,
    Common “Cleaning Day” of the learners from both schools, November Plumber on site, and a lot more…)
  • new Internet branding, Facebook, Instagram
  • ... … and every week “Fruits for the learnbers of the Morukutu P.S.”